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Unimon offers multilingual services in Japan and Asia to "cross language barriers." Founded in Tokyo in 2008, we have expanded into Bangkok in 2010, Ho Chi Minh in 2012 and Jakarta in 2015. We provide services such as translation, attracting customers, and development centered on multilingualization.

Language and keyword strategies are important for expanding business overseas. Communication costs increase if localization is promoted without understanding the background of the language. Advertising with unintended keywords will increase customer acquisition costs.

When I entered Thailand in 2010, I depended on other companies for translation. However, it was difficult to stabilize the quality of translation, and it was a situation that cost was rebounded in every direction. We are unable to tolerate situations in which our customers' trust is lost due to localization issues, and we have established a department that specializes in translation and have established a system for one-stop translation.

Thai has tones in the letters. Because it depends on the listener's listening, it is a language in which the blurring of characters is greater than in Japanese. We have a high-quality translation service that minimizes blurring, with a staff of experienced Thai translation and interpreters majoring in Thai at university and graduate school.

Company name Unimon Co., Ltd.
Establishment date March 2010
Capital 5,000,000 THB
Telephone 02-237-3817
Address Chamchuri Square 24F, 319 Phayathai Rd Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.
Company name Unimon Inc.
Establishment date 2020年11月
Capital 1,000,000 円
Telephone 03-6695-6749
Address 104-0061 東京都中央区銀座1-22-11
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